We know almost all moms are interested in gardening and many of us have already started gardening and many may be about to. But have you all ever wondered how gardening effects our health, along with many other known benefits! When I started gardening, it was just because I remained completely free due to current pandemic and hence the lockdown. To utilize the free time, I thought to grow my own vegetables as there was a fear of getting infected with whatever comes from outside and hence I started with vegetable gardening. During this phase of activity I realized effects of gardening on my health, which I felt, would be great to share here.

Gardening is done in many ways and there are many types of gardening, depending on where you are doing, what you are doing. If you have a very large space then you have plenty of options to choose from like traditional in-ground gardening, container gardening, hydroponic gardening, aquaponic gardening, raised bed gardening and many more. If you have a very limited space as in apartments in metropolitan cities, then you can choose for balcony gardening where you can do vertical gardening, container gardening, hanging gardening, indoor gardening and so on as a type of gardening. Terrace gardening is best suited if you have an independent house/villa. Once you are done with type of gardening based on space available, then comes choosing what kind of plants you wish to grow in your garden. Here you can opt for flower gardening, vegetable gardening, or a mix of both and many types of plants have their own medicinal values also.

Effects of gardening on mental health

Mental health has a very deep effect on our overall physical health. When we are mentally peace, happy and positive, definitely we can say our overall health is considerably good. One of the major impact of gardening on our mental health is, it surely increases our patience level. ”As you sow, so you reap” is a very popular quote. Gardening is one such activity where you can see the product of your effort very clearly. The first and foremost plant I wanted to see in my garden was tomato , so I started with tomato, then gradually I added coriander, mint, fenugreek, ajwain, Malabar spinach, chilly and so on. It became my routine to see the plants as soon as I get up in the morning and watering the plants. The positive vibes it started creating in me and the happiness I felt was the immediate effect on me each day which would continue for whole day. This is how gardening has changed my life. Seeing a plants grow each day creates a hope for future and hence building inner positivity day by day and makes us mentally very strong.

Effects of gardening on physical health

Gardening is very important when physical health is considered. It is a joyful hobby along with many benefits on physical health.

  • Reduces stress

Gardening can relieve you from many serious ailments by resolving your stress problem, by keeping you busy mentally as well as physically. Colour has the power to impact our mind, and the colours of plants and trees makes us feel fresh with a direct impact on our mind. When you start enjoying gardening, it helps you relax, think over positive things happening around you and reducing stress naturally. Stress reduced, health improved, right?

  • Burns a lot of calories

Gardening is not as simple as planting the plants and watering them. Gardening has its effect on your calories also. For every plant to grow perfect and give you a perfect product, needs a perfect care that keeps you active through whole cycle. Especially if you have chosen traditional in-ground gardening then digging the ground, fertilizing, walking around to look into each plant, and many more such activities around the garden helps you in burning the calories.

  • Strengthens bones

Gardening has its own effect on bones and muscle strength. Our bone requires vitamin D along with vitamin C to be strong. When you work around the garden, there is a plenty of vitamin D supply naturally. The vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium and phosphorous from the food we eat, hence building stronger bones.

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